About Théo

For me a perfumer means a creator, an artist, a real father. I was born at November in 1989 and grew up in Heraklion, Crete. Since I was a child, I was lost in hidden, urban gardens seeking the discovery of the secrets of nature. A perfume for me is not just a scent, it’s memories and emotions. I was born in order to create fragrances. I believe in the uniqueness and values of people, that’s why I create my handmade perfumes one by one.

Whatever is handmade is more valuable since it is created by your soul, your own effort. Only in this way you feel pain about it and you (feel is like your own child). The secret of my exquisite scents is my passion and my true love about what I'm doing.

I select my ingredients from the most luxurious gardens in the world. Unique essential oils that offer beneficial properties to the skin and the soul.

I discovered my own patent for perfume creation based on extraordinary perfume oils and A 'quality 100% vegetable alcoholic from grapes.

I study cosmetology (Production of Cosmetics with Natural Raw Materials and Medicinal Plants)to The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. At Grasse, France was learning the French technology of creating fragrances in 2014.

THEO PARFUMS means love for the nature, love for the human.
Theodoros Kalotinis - Perfumer